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Volius Networks plans for Teledata Networks

Following the acquisition of the assets and operations of Teledata Networks Limited, Volius Networks Limited reveals its business plans and strategies.

With more than 6 million active subscriber lines worldwide, served by three generations of Teledata BroadAccess equipment, the company’s first priority is to ensure the business continuity to its customers.

MSAG and DSLAM solutions from Teledata, based on BroadAccess platforms are the preferred choice for the xDSL generation access networks of many leading carriers globally. Furthermore, the latest BroadAccess 300E/1000E product line supports not only the complete range of VoIP and xDSL technologies but also provides GPON and optical Gigabit Ethernet services, integrated within one platform. This is a unique feature of BroadAccess platform which offers its users an opportunity of cost effective FTTH migration. Volius Networks continues with production and full support of Teledata BroadAccess product range.

Continuing increase of bandwidth demand, revolution in home multimedia and entertainment, emerging smart home market and growing fixed - mobile convergence create great opportunities in access networks business.  Having a vast experience in optical transport and CATV technologies, Volius Networks' goal is to develop highly integrated FTTH-based access network solutions to serve telecoms' and cable operators' needs.

Volius strategy is to continue responding to the demand of BroadAccess customers by continued development of new features for the products. At the same time, the company has commenced working on development of the future product line. The new platform will be multiservice, FTTH based, hybrid, convergent and highly integrated.

Being a part of an international Volius group of companies, it will enhance its global operation. The plan for 2013 is to create sales and tech support centres in Russia, Kazakhstan, Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.



Stanislav Chernikov, CEO - Volius Networks Limited

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