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BroadAccess - Network migration to NGN/IMS


BroadAccess - Network migration to NGN/IMS
The BroadAccess product line is focused on providing superior migration solutions that meet the evolution requirements of service providers. Ideal for NGN migration and Class-5 replacement, BroadAccess systems ensure a seamless and cost-effective network evolution and allow for optimal implementation of large-scale Next Generation Networks.

The BroadAccess solution incorporates advanced VoIP capabilities and implements standard open VoIP protocols of H.248 or SIP, with enhanced Softswitch interoperability.  Through advanced voice processing and QoS techniques, BroadAccess ensures the delivery of toll voice quality under highly challenging network conditions. Simultaneous support of VoIP and V5.2 enable operators to smoothly migrate from PSTN to NGN. Based on a modular design BroadAccess-1000E provides a high port density of over 1100 lines per shelf and 4500 lines per standard 19" rack.

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