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BroadAccess- DSLAM

While the access network is evolving to FTTx architecture, with deeper fiber penetration, xDSL remains the dominant broadband technology by a considerable majority. The new xDSL standards enable the delivery of extremely high speed services utilizing the existing copper infrastructure, thus offering the most cost-effective broadband technology.

BroadAccess provides an optimal DSLAM functionality for the delivery of advanced triple play services, using a variety of xDSL standards, including ADSL2+, VDSL2 and SHDSL.bis. The system’s flexibility is available through different shelf sizes to suit various capacities from 48 to over 1,000 service ports. It also covers different deployment scenarios, including central-office and street-cabinet installations. BroadAccess-100 covers up to 96 subscribers, BroadAccess-300E with up to 384 subscribers and BroadAccess-1000E with over 1,000 subscribers.


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